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Effortlessly collect essential data

Start using AIScraper API today to streamline your data collection and stay ahead in your projects and business intelligence efforts.

  • AI-Powered Extraction

    API can collect structured data from web page even if the data in html is not structured

  • Flexible Data Fields

    Customize the data fields you need, such as titles, dates, authors, and even images

  • Cost-Efficient

    Only pay for what you use, with costs typically ranging up to 3 coins per request

How to get started with AIScraper API?

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Sign up or log in to our platform and generate your API key to start using the AIScraper API

Read the docs

Refer to our comprehensive API documentation to understand how to integrate and use the API effectively

What AIScraper Users Say

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I tried the scraper and loved it. My first test worked and delivered the desired result.

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Matthias Kroeger



Start off with 10 free coins just for signing up. Keep the momentum going by adding coins whenever you like – there's no rush, they're here whenever you need them

  • Standard

    /up to 50 requests
    Ideal for those who didn't have enough welcome coins and need more time to determine if the scraper fits your tasks
  • Optimal

    /up to 500 requests
    A more cost-effective option for those who need to scrape large volumes of data frequently

Commonly Asked Questions

We Have Put Together Some Commonly Asked Questions

Well hello there!

Nice to meet you! 

I'm Natalia, an enthusiastic developer with a wealth of experience in traditional information gathering methods – methods that, honestly, I grew tired of. That's why I created a handy AI assistant to make our lives easier! 

I'm always open to your feedback, ideas, and new challenges!

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