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Tailored Data Scraping Solutions for Every Industry

  • Market
    Market Researchers
    Gather up-to-date market data from various industry websites and reports
  • Rec2
    Enhance talent acquisition by scraping profiles and resumes from professional networks
  • Sales
    Product Managers
    Obtain insights into user feedback and product performance from e-commerce platforms and review aggregators
  • Data
    Data Analysts
    Extract key metrics and performance data from multiple sources for in-depth analysis
  • Efa
    Sales Managers
    Monitor competitor websites, customer reviews, and product listings to gain insights into market positioning
  • Real
    Real Estate Agents
    Keep track of property listings, pricing, and market conditions by scraping real estate websites

Scraping Solutions

Explore the power of AIScraper

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    Scrape any content from any page with our easy-to-use browser extension

  • 103093 (5)

    Integrate AIScraper into your workflow with our developer-friendly API

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    Effective solution for your needs with the power of AI features

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    Landing Pages Scraper

    Effortlessly gather essential information from product and service landing pages for your directory

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  • Standard

    /up to 100 pages
    Ideal for those who didn't have enough welcome coins and need more time to determine if the scraper fits your tasks
  • Optimal

    /up to 500 pages
    A more cost-effective option for those who need to scrape large volumes of data frequently

Commonly Asked Questions

We Have Put Together Some Commonly Asked Questions

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Nice to meet you! 

I'm Natalia, an enthusiastic developer with a wealth of experience in traditional information gathering methods – methods that, honestly, I grew tired of. That's why I created a handy AI assistant to make our lives easier! 

I'm always open to your feedback, ideas, and new challenges!

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