Best Scraping API: Enhancing Productivity Across Industries

published on 23 April 2024

Choosing the best scraping API is crucial for enhancing productivity across various industries. Whether you're into market research, recruitment, eCommerce, real estate, or finance, the right web scraping tool can automate data collection, ensuring you get accurate, up-to-date information quickly and without hassle. Here's a quick guide to help you decide:

  • Apify: Great for beginners, offers ease of use, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Oxylabs: Ideal for large-scale projects with its extensive network and fast data retrieval.
  • ScrapingBee: User-friendly and affordable, perfect for simple scraping needs.
  • Zyte: Offers deep customization for those comfortable with coding, balancing power with cost.
  • Bright Data: Features a straightforward dashboard and powerful proxy setup, suitable for complex data gathering tasks.

Quick Comparison:

Scraping API Ease of Use Data Accuracy Speed Legal Compliance Cost Best For
Apify High High Medium Yes Variable, budget-friendly Beginners, small projects
Oxylabs Medium High High Yes Higher, based on use Large-scale data projects
ScrapingBee High High Variable Yes Affordable Simple scraping tasks
Zyte Low Medium High Yes Variable, can get pricey Tech-savvy users, complex needs
Bright Data High High High Yes Starts high Industry-specific tasks

Choose based on your project size, budget, technical comfort level, and the specific data you need. Trying out a few can help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Scraping API

Choosing the right scraping API for your project is crucial. Here's what to look for:

Ease of Use

  • Should be simple to figure out and use
  • Able to get data from many different websites
  • Lets you choose between grabbing data yourself or setting it up to do it automatically
  • Provides easy-to-follow guides and examples

An API that's easy to use will help you get started quickly. Look for one with straightforward instructions and support when you need it.

Data Accuracy

  • Good at organizing and cleaning up the data
  • Offers tools to make sure the data you get is right
  • Lets you customize how you want your data organized

Getting the right data matters. Choose an API that can accurately sort through website information.


  • Quick servers and many locations around the world
  • Can do many tasks at once
  • Saves data so it doesn't have to ask for it again

Fast data collection means you can make decisions quicker. Find an API that's known for being speedy.

  • Follows website rules and respects privacy
  • Identifies itself properly
  • Avoids grabbing data it shouldn't

It's important to use an API that plays by the rules to avoid any legal issues.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Plans that match what you need without breaking the bank
  • Pay for what you use options
  • Lets you try it out first

Make sure the API fits your budget and offers a trial to test its features. This way, you can see if it's right for you without committing fully.

By keeping these points in mind, you can pick a scraping API that suits your project's needs best. Try scraping a few websites in your area of interest to see how well the API performs.

Comparative Analysis of Top Scraping APIs

1. Apify


Apify is a user-friendly platform that lets you collect data from the web and automate tasks without needing to be a tech expert. It stands out for being straightforward, accurate, quick, rule-abiding, and budget-friendly.

Ease of Use

  • Simple tools to set up and run data collection jobs
  • Ready-to-use setups for well-known websites like Google and Twitter
  • Clear guides and examples for making your own setups
  • An online tool for creating custom data collectors

Data Accuracy

  • Tools to check and fix data
  • Works well with websites that are heavy on JavaScript
  • Can try again if it doesn't get the data on the first try


  • Fast data collection from anywhere in the world
  • Can handle a lot of data at once
  • Remembers sites it has visited to save time
  • Follows website rules and doesn't collect data it shouldn't
  • Makes it easy to use different IP addresses to look more natural
  • Can change its approach to look like a regular visitor


  • Has a free option
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Features to help you use less and save money

Industry-Specific Benefits

  • Special setups for online stores, travel sites, and financial information
  • Works well with data analysis tools like Tableau
  • Can send data straight to databases or cloud storage

Apify is a solid option if you need to gather web data or automate web tasks efficiently and accurately, without spending a lot.

2. Oxylabs


Ease of Use

Oxylabs makes it easy for anyone to start collecting data from the web, even if you're not a tech expert. Its dashboard is straightforward, letting you pick locations, devices, and more without confusion. You can also set up tasks to run on their own at scheduled times. While you might need to know a bit of coding for more specific needs, Oxylabs has plenty of guides and examples in languages like Python and PHP to help you out.

Data Accuracy

Oxylabs uses smart technology to accurately gather data from any online store. It's really good at getting the information you need from big websites, almost never missing a beat. To keep things running smoothly, Oxylabs constantly improves its system and has a backup plan to try again if something doesn't work the first time.


Oxylabs has servers all over the world and a huge network of proxies, making it quick to get the data you need. It can handle lots of requests at once efficiently. Getting data from social media might take a bit longer due to extra security, but Oxylabs is especially fast with sites like Google and Amazon.

Oxylabs follows the rules, making sure not to overstep on websites' terms. It uses different IPs and changes its settings to look like a normal visitor, which helps avoid any trouble with websites.


Starting at $49, you can make 17,500 requests with Oxylabs' basic service. If you need to scrape real estate data, it's $99 for 76,000 requests. The pricing is based on how much you use, and there's a 7-day trial with 5,000 requests to try it out.

Industry-Specific Benefits

Oxylabs has special tools for scraping real estate, ecommerce, and SEO data. This means you can easily get information on property listings, online store products, or search engine results. The data works well with analysis software, and if you're a big company, Oxylabs offers extra support and custom solutions.

3. ScrapingBee


Ease of Use

ScrapingBee has a simple dashboard that lets you set up web scraping without needing to know a lot about coding. You can easily pick the websites you want to get data from, what data you want, and how you want it saved, like in a spreadsheet or a text file. There's also a tool you can add to your web browser to grab data straight from websites. But, if you want to do more complicated stuff, you might need to know a bit about Python and how APIs work.

Data Accuracy

ScrapingBee is really good at getting the right info from websites, even the ones that are constantly changing. It can automatically try again if it doesn't get the data right the first time. You can also check the data it collects to make sure it's what you need and make small changes if necessary.


ScrapingBee uses a bunch of servers and tricks to get data quickly, even if you're looking at a lot of websites at once. How fast it works can depend on how complicated the websites are. Usually, simpler websites are easier and faster to get data from.

ScrapingBee makes sure to follow the rules by not visiting websites too quickly or taking data it shouldn't. It's important for users to also make sure they're not breaking any laws when they're setting up their scraping projects.


ScrapingBee is pretty affordable, starting at $39 a month for scraping up to 50,000 pages. If you need to scrape a lot of data, they offer bigger plans that might save you some money. The price can go up depending on how complicated the websites you're scraping from are.

Industry-Specific Benefits

ScrapingBee can be really useful for a lot of different jobs. For online stores, it can help keep track of products. Marketing agencies can use it to get SEO data. It's also great for job sites and real estate companies to collect listings. Basically, if you need data from the internet for your business, ScrapingBee can help, even though it might get a bit pricey if you have a lot of work for it.

Overall, ScrapingBee makes it easy to get the data you need from websites, even the tricky ones, without needing to be a tech expert. It's good for businesses of all kinds, as long as you keep an eye on how much you're spending if you're doing a lot of scraping.

4. Zyte


Ease of Use

Zyte is made for people who know a bit about coding. It lets you tell the computer exactly what to do on websites, like clicking or scrolling. But, you need to know how to set up rules to get the information you want. This means it's not the easiest for beginners.

Data Accuracy

Zyte is really good at grabbing the basic stuff from websites, especially from places like Google and Twitter. But, it can struggle a bit with websites that have a lot of moving parts, like online stores. Even so, it's still better than many others at getting the job done.


Zyte uses a big network to make sure it can grab data fast, no matter where you are. But, if you're using its more complex features, it might slow down a bit. Overall, it's still pretty quick.

Zyte is smart about following the rules. It changes its location to match the website it's looking at and uses different tricks to avoid getting blocked. This helps keep things smooth and trouble-free.


How much Zyte costs depends on how you use it. The more complex your requests, the more you might pay. But, you can keep an eye on your spending with their tools. For basic tasks, it's pretty affordable, but costs can go up if you're doing a lot of tricky stuff.

Industry-Specific Benefits

Zyte is great for people who need to do some serious web scraping across different industries. It's especially good if you need to get data from other countries. The service is flexible, letting you manage your costs while getting exactly what you need.

In short, Zyte is a powerful tool for those who know how to code and need to gather data from the web. It's not the simplest out there, but it gives you a lot of control and can be cost-effective if you plan well.

5. Bright Data

Bright Data

Ease of Use

Bright Data has a simple dashboard that's easy for everyone to use, even if you're not a tech expert. You can just click and choose to collect the data you need without typing any code. But if you want to do more complex stuff, they have guides and examples that show you how to use languages like Python and JavaScript.

Data Accuracy

Bright Data uses a powerful setup with real browsers and lots of proxies, making sure it can get into complex websites and grab accurate data, even from sites that are hard to handle. They also have tools to check the data and try again if they miss something the first time.


They have servers all over the world, so Bright Data is pretty fast at collecting data without being blocked. They can do many tasks at once quickly, but some complicated sites might slow things down a bit.

Bright Data focuses on collecting data the right way, with rules to make sure they don't break website terms or laws. They use proxies that act like real people visiting sites, which helps avoid problems.


Plans start at $500 a month for small projects, with options for bigger needs too. You only pay for what you use, and there's no need to commit to a big plan right away. They even offer a trial to test things out.

Industry-Specific Benefits

Bright Data is great for different jobs like checking prices for online stores, doing market research, or finding leads. They offer special help for industries like finance, travel, and real estate, with support for setting things up or integrating with your systems.

In simple terms, Bright Data makes it easier to get lots of web data quickly and correctly. They're all about being fast, accurate, and making sure everything is done the right way.

Industry-Specific Benefits

Scraping APIs are super helpful for lots of different jobs by making it easy to grab the specific web data you need. Let's look at how they can be used in various fields:

Market Research

  • Keep an eye on what competitors charge to set your prices just right
  • Find out what people are saying about stuff on forums and social media
  • Spot new trends by pulling the latest news from industry sites
  • Make better predictions by using up-to-date information


  • Make finding the right people easier by grabbing job posts from many places
  • Understand what salaries look like by looking at job ads
  • Learn about the skills companies want by checking out job descriptions online


  • Watch what your competitors do, like how they price items, what they sell, and their special offers
  • Get marketing materials like pictures and product details
  • See what customers think by checking out reviews and ratings

Real Estate

  • Get lots of listing details for finding leads
  • Use listing data to see market trends
  • Compare property prices by looking at sold data


  • Grab important documents like financial reports and SEC filings
  • Understand market mood by analyzing news and opinions
  • Test trading ideas using past price data

By grabbing tons of web data, scraping APIs are a big help in many areas of work. Using these tools smartly can help businesses make faster, smarter decisions and find useful information.


Pros and Cons

Scraping API Pros Cons
Apify - Easy to use
- Gets data right
- Quick
- Pay for what you need
- Follows website rules
- Might be tricky for beginners
- Not many options to change how it works
Oxylabs - Big network for grabbing data
- Good for big jobs
- Delivers data neatly
- Servers all over the world
- Pricey for small projects
- Not as flexible as others
ScrapingBee - Easy start
- Browser tool for simple scraping
- Deals with CAPTCHAs for you
- Good price options
- Speed changes with website complexity
- Needs more coding for deep dives
Zyte - Lots of control with code
- Saves money on big tasks
- Handles JavaScript well
- Many proxy locations
- Harder for beginners
- Can get expensive with lots of use
Bright Data - Simple dashboard
- Uses real browsers
- Strong proxy setup
- Works well for specific industries
- Keeps things legal
- Starts expensive
- Struggles with complicated websites

Choosing the right tool for web scraping depends on what you need, how much you know, and your budget.

Apify and ScrapingBee are great if you're just starting. They're easy to use and don't cost much. But if you're ready for more control and options, Zyte or Bright Data might be better, even though they can get pricey.

Oxylabs is best for really big projects but might be too much for just one person or a small team. Bright Data is all about following the rules, but sometimes it doesn't grab data well from tricky websites.

The best way to choose is to think about what's most important for your scraping work, like simplicity, getting the right data, how big your project is, and how much you want to spend. Trying them out first can also help you see which one works best for you.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the best scraping API depends on a few important things:

Purpose and Scope

First, think about your goal and how much info you need.

  • For smaller, easier tasks, Apify and ScrapingBee are user-friendly.
  • For big projects with lots of detailed sites, Oxylabs and Bright Data have strong tools and lots of options.
  • Zyte is great for those who like to get into the details with coding.


Money matters, too.

  • Apify and ScrapingBee won't break the bank for small jobs.
  • Oxylabs and Bright Data are pricier but offer more for big companies.
  • Zyte's cost depends on how much you use it, which can add up for big tasks.

Choose based on how much you're willing to spend and what you need the tool for.

Ease of Use

Are you comfortable with tech?

  • Apify and ScrapingBee are easiest for beginners.
  • Oxylabs and Bright Data might need a bit more tech knowledge for all their features.
  • Zyte is best for those who know how to code.

Pick one that you'll find easy to use.

Data Accuracy

All these APIs can handle basic data, but some are better for certain websites:

  • Apify - Good all-around and for online stores
  • Oxylabs - Great for big sites like Google and Amazon
  • ScrapingBee - Has a useful browser tool and tries again for accurate data
  • Zyte - Strong for social media
  • Bright Data - Good with tough sites using real browsers

Consider the sites you're targeting and choose accordingly.


Oxylabs and Bright Data are fast, thanks to servers all over.

ScrapingBee and Zyte might slow down with complicated sites.

Apify is a good middle ground for speed and cost.

Speed is key if you're in a hurry.

By looking at what you need, how much you can spend, how easy it is to use, how accurate it is, and how fast it works, you can find the scraping API that's just right for you. Try a few to see which one fits your project best.


When you're picking a web scraping API, it's like choosing the right tool for a job. Think about what you need and what matters most for your work. Here's a simple guide to help you decide:

What you need it for - Think about the size of your project. If you have a big task, Oxylabs and BrightData are like heavy-duty machines. For smaller jobs, Apify and ScrapingBee are more like handy tools.

Your budget - How much you can spend is important. If you're watching your budget, Apify and ScrapingBee have friendly price tags.

How easy it is to use - Not everyone is a tech whiz. If you prefer something straightforward, go for Apify or ScrapingBee. But if you're comfortable with coding, Zyte could be your pick.

Getting the right data - Make sure the API can grab the exact info you need. BrightData is good at getting into tough websites, and ScrapingBee will keep trying if it doesn't get it right the first time.

Speed - Think about how fast you need the data. Oxylabs and BrightData are speedy, especially if you're in a rush.

Following the rules - It's important to play fair and avoid getting into trouble. Make sure the API you choose does things the right way, with tricks like changing its IP address to stay under the radar.

By keeping these points in mind, you can find the right scraping API that fits your project perfectly, helping you work smarter and faster in whatever field you're in.

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